Art of lying down

The Art of Lying Down

"Brunner flits around, landing on a subject long enough to offer a tale or two relating to, say, the history of mattress design before moving on to Sigmund Freud's couch, Marcel Proust's brass bed, or the night that Ishmael in "Moby-Dick" slept with a cannibal. A compact volume suitable for reading in bed."
The Boston Globe

"Before you talk yourself into the Ultra-Marathon Desk, take a deep breath. Pick up this book. Read it in bed."

"An airy, Calvino-esque collection of essays ... A sweet, somnolent book - a lovely premise, chock full of interesting history, and guided by a charming narrative voice, sure to be beloved by whichever lucky reader leaves it on their bedside table."
Publishers Weekly

"A chatty compendium on the human position. ... The wonderful illustrations add to the entertainment value ... Offers an amusing spectrum of anecdotes."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"Savouring every word of Bernd Brunner's charming and Montaignesque Art of Lying Down"
Sarah Bakewell, author of At the Existentialist Cafe, How to Live: a life of Montaigne

"A brilliant and amusing piece of work"
Sander Gilman, author of Stand Up Straight! A History of Posture, The Jew's Body

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