Inventing the Christmas Tree

"Mr. Brunner meanders pleasantly through the many manifestations of the tradition over the centuries... Do we ultimately know who "invented" the Christmas tree, and where? Not really. And Bernd Brunner is happy not to know, celebrating the Christmas tree as a mystery and, as such, in perfect keeping with the holiday it symbolizes."
The Wall Street Journal

"Brunner is a deft guide. ... The German cultural historian understands the aetiology of collective thought. ... As well as delighting the enthusiast, this attractively produced little book might prove soothing to the less festively inclined as well."

"A slender but fascinating book on the Christmas tree ... In wry tones, playing with cultural and scientific contexts, he lays out the provenance the festive tree and its first appearances."
The Guardian

"A charming gift book that should find a place under many a tree this year."
Financial Times

"A short and entertaining new history"
The New York Times

"How, why, and when the tree found its way from the forest to the house is explained by Bernd Brunner in his entertaining book. From a Christmas tree holder that plays Christmas songs all the way to the top, all the facets of the tree are examined."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Germany: Insel
USA/UK: Yale University Press
Norway: Juritzen
Russia: Text