Moon: A Brief History

"The book, and its wide variety of illustrations from classical texts, science fiction and other sources, describes not just the history of the celestial body but the ways it inspired the human imagination to take flight, fueled, as Proust put it, by "the ancient unalterable splendor of a Moon cruelly and mysteriously serene."
The New York Times

"An elegant cultural history ... Brunner ably dispatches recent science and takes us on a lively tour of lunar folklore and speculative fiction."
The New Yorker

"We are plunged immediately into a fascinating tour of the moon in ancient cultures. ... well written, ... full of fascinating bits of information."
The Washington Post

"A nimble, fast-moving survey of the silvery moon's impact upon us and our world."
Los Angeles Times

"The book is a tour de force on the relationship between man and the moon, giving equal attention to science, poetry, and mythology, while still including a welcome body of miscellanea."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

USA/UK: Yale University Press
Germany: Antje Kunstmann (out of print), revised edition: atVERLAG
Italy: Giunti Editore
France: Armand Colin
Taiwan: The Walk Publishing
South Korea: Propaganda Press
Romania: Baroque
China: Beijing United Publishing
Japan: Hakusui-sha
Turkey: Bilim ve Sanat Yayınları
Spain: Acantilado
World Arabic: Al Arabi, Cairo