The Ocean at Home – An Illustrated History of the Aquarium

"Public and private, amateur and professional, Brunner's illustrated history of marine and freshwater aquaria is a history indeed. ... His cultured but unpretentious style carries with it a real sense of the Victorian drawing room"

"Nineteenth-century displays now look almost mundane, amounting to mere arrays of tanks on table. But as Bernd Brunner shows in an elegant recent book, The Ocean at Home, the sense of visiting another realm was still palpable."
The New York Times

"Brunner turns to the common aquarium and finds an electrifying nexus of human obsessions - with cabinets and curiosities, a passion for exploration and scientific discovery and an abiding fear of (and love for) the ocean. His book begins, as his others do, in myth and ends in fact."
The Los Angeles Times

"Fascinating. Engaging, well researched"
San Francisco Chronicle

"A slim and informative study, well-paced and surprisingly pleasing"
The Seattle Times

"An intriguing history of this peculiarly English subject."
The Guardian

"A wonderful book on the depths and shallows of the aquarium."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"A marvelous cultural history."
Süddeutsche Zeitung

USA/UK: Princeton Architectural Press, Reaktion Books (out of print)
Germany: Klaus Wagenbach
Japan: Hakusui-sha
China: Jiangsu Education Publishing House
France: double ponctuation