Pomegranate The Book of Pomegranates

Pomegranates are among the earliest types of fruit cultivated by humans. Yet despite this long history, they remain shrouded in mystery. This illustrated book examines the shifting meanings assigned to the pomegranate over time and offers a compact survey of a fascinating plant's cultural and natural history.

"A small, round fruit that isn't easy to handle. And a small, substantial book that opens up new worlds to the reader."
Zora del Buono, author of, among others, Das Leben der Mächtigen: Reisen zu alten Bäumen (a marvelous book on trees around the world),

"A neat little book"
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

"Pomegranates for intellectuals. Somewhere along the path from ancient history to Instagram foodies, the fertility symbol became a superfood. A delightful cultural history."
Brigitte Woman

"The structure of the pomegranate is as complicated as it is ambiguous. Brunner looks at the pomegranate from all sides – from botanical, geographical and cultural-historical angles. At the end, the juice is squeezed through the convolutions of the reader’s brain, nourishing with its practical knowledge. The book does not replace the real-life pleasure of the pomegranate, but contains a piece of anthropological history, a beautiful tribute ... A delightful gem of a book"
MDR Kultur (Central German Broadcasting)

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