USA/UK: Yale University Press (translated by Lori Lantz)
Germany: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft
Italy: Bollati Boringhieri
China: Shanghai Sanhui Culture and Press
Taiwan: Rive Gauche
Estonia: Olion
Turkey: E Yayinlari
South Korea: Thinking Tree Publishing
Japan: Hakusui-sha

"A little gem." William Grimes, The New York Times

"Brunner's book is full of information about the relationship between bears and humans, and is delightfully illustrated with period engravings."
The New York Times Book Review

"This droll, heavily illustrated history of the relationship between humans and bears brims with curious facts and anecdotes. ... Brunner adroitly details the ways bears have been demonized, revered, and anthropomorphized by cultures that see them in contradictory terms - both lazy and fierce, wily and dim-witted-and tells the sad stories of humanity's attempts to domesticate and showcase these majestic, primarily reclusive beings."
The New Yorker

"Packed with intriguing facts and miscellany. ... Brunner has gone a long way to demystify the iconic creature."
The Washington Post Book World

"Dense with information that even arctophiles may have missed... Growwwl."
The Guardian

"A wonderful book, a vivid cultural history of interaction between human beings and bears. A brief but never trivial book that must captivate anyone who has cuddled a teddy or longed for the wild."
Simon Barnes, The Times

"A fascinating and comprehensive biography. All species should have such an eloquent advocate."
Kim Hughes, The Toronto Star

"Brunner's prose can take on a distinctly Sebaldian, melancholic tone. His humour is deadpan. ... Bears is a veritable fount of arcane ursulania and a delight on every page ... the perfect Christmas book."
Philip Hoare, The Sunday Telegraph

"A small book with a big bite, Bears is a delightful new introduction to the natural history of a creature that has had a big impact in many areas of the world. . . . A well-founded and informative text."
The Bloomsbury Review

"Highly recommended."

"In this readable book, Bernd Brunner has brought together a wealth of information on how people have experienced and thought about bears – from the hunting rituals of eastern Siberia's Gilyaks to Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man." Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Bernd Brunner has compiled far-ranging material from cultural and natural history on the topic of bears and humans." Jörg Albrecht, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung